"Everything is tinged with the different shades of purple, giving rise to a new vision every night, with its spectacular reflections."


The B B Lunajanka is located in Palmi, where the Costa Viola begins and is surrounded by greenery and quiet and with a wonderful panoramic view of the

Strait and the Aeolian Islands. The term originated from Plato, who was struck by the various shades of the purple color of the Costa's landscape at sunset.

The Costa Viola is dominated by a series of high and jagged coastline, among which stands out that of Mount Sant'Elia, where you can admire a unique panorama: Capo Vaticano, Aeolian Islands, Strait of Messina and Etna at the same time. This stretch of sea has: the most beautiful coasts of the region rich in cliffs and caves; the most beautiful beaches, set like jewels in the mountains that in some places descend steeply on the sea. On this stretch of coast, over the centuries many myths, legends and stories have emerged, some of which date back to the dawn of time. The B&B has three double rooms with private bathroom, each room was named by a citrus typical of the Calabrian coasts: Mandarino, Bergamotto and Cedro.



Via Sardegna 20 | Palmi(RC) – Italy | Phone +39  096624540 | Mob. +39  3341829199 | info@lunajanka.com

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